Best Place to Sell Gold in New York


Do you have precious gold items that are collecting dust? Are you looking to turn your golden heirlooms into instant cash? Look no further, as we unveil the top 10 gold buyers in the vibrant city of New York, where trust meets value. In this article, we will guide you through the best places to sell your gold, ensuring a seamless and profitable experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gold Buyer

Before delving into our list of the top 10 gold buyers, let’s explore some crucial factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Reputation: Look for established gold buyers with a strong track record of fair transactions and customer satisfaction.
  • Transparency: The best gold buyers are transparent about their evaluation process and pricing.
  • Customer Reviews: Reading reviews and testimonials can give you insight into others’ experiences and help you make an informed choice.
  • Expertise: Seek out experienced professionals who can accurately assess your gold’s value.
  • Payment Methods: Different buyers offer different payment options – choose one that suits your preference.

Top 10 Gold Buyers in New York

New York presents the perfect backdrop for your gold-selling journey. The numerous reputable gold buyers in the city offer not only competitive prices but also empathetic service that recognizes the emotional aspect of parting with your precious pieces. Here is a glimpse into New York’s top 10 gold buyers:

1. Manhattan Gold & Silver

Situated at 45 West 47th Street, Manhattan Gold & Silver isn’t just a buyer; it’s a curator of legacies. With a heartwarming commitment to service, they recognize the emotional value behind each piece. Whether it’s a vintage necklace or a modern masterpiece, they embrace the story and offer a fair value that reflects both the metal and memories.

2. Luriya

Nestled at 30 West 47th Street #405, Luriya is more than a gold buyer; they’re historians of emotion. With a penchant for appraising vintage and antique jewelry, they don’t just see gold – they envision the hands that adorned it. This connection allows them to offer not just a price but a tribute to history and sentiment.

3. Global Gold & Silver

In the heart of New York at 7 West 45th Street, Global Gold & Silver transforms gold-selling into a celebration of moments. They go beyond transactions, connecting with customers on a personal level. From coins that traveled the world to wedding bands that witnessed vows, they honor the journey and emotion encapsulated within each piece.

4. Bullion Exchanges

Bullion Exchanges, located at 30 West 47th Street, isn’t just about gold; it’s about forging connections and seizing opportunities. Specializing in buying and selling bullion and coins, they recognize that every piece carries potential – potential for growth, change, and a new beginning.


5. The Gold Standard

Found at 29 West 47th Street, The Gold Standard lives up to its name by setting the bar high when it comes to emotion-infused transactions. While they deal in precious metals, they acknowledge that what’s more precious is the sentiment that accompanies each piece. From engagement rings to family heirlooms, they honor the connection and emotion.

6. Empire Gold Buyers

Situated at 30 West 47th Street, Empire Gold Buyers understand that the decision to sell gold isn’t just about the metal – it’s about a commitment to memories. They tread this path with empathy, recognizing that each piece holds a story that deserves to be cherished even as you bid it farewell.

7. DD Buyers

Nestled at 55 West 47th Street, DD Buyers understand that behind every piece of gold lies a dream – a dream of prosperity, growth, or simply a brighter future. They respect these dreams, and with their efficient process and competitive pricing, they help turn aspirations into tangible reality.

8. Modell Collateral Loans

Found at 141 West 47th Street, Modell Collateral Loans specializes in crafting timeless bonds between history and value. Dealing with rare coins and fine jewelry, they appreciate the craftsmanship and sentiment that go into each piece. By providing fair evaluations and honest transactions, they honor both the past and the present.

9. New York Gold Buyers

Located at 37 West 47th Street, New York Gold Buyers act as the bridge between emotions and value. With friendly staff and a hassle-free experience, they ensure that your journey is smooth and rewarding. They recognize that while gold may change hands, the emotion and connection endure.

10. Collectors Coins & Jewelry

Situated at 200 West 57th Street, Collectors Coins & Jewelry embark on a journey of crafting new beginnings. They deal not just in coins and jewelry, but in transformations – the transformation of a piece of gold into a bridge between eras, a connection between hearts, and a fresh start.

Gold Selling Process

Selling your gold can be a transformative experience, not just financially, but emotionally as well. The process typically involves:

  • Evaluation: Experts examine your items to determine their purity and value.
  • Offer: You receive an offer based on current market prices.
  • Acceptance: Once you agree to the offer, the buyer completes the transaction.
  • Payment: You receive your payment, either in cash or via a preferred method.


In the vibrant landscape of New York City, where dreams are born and realized, selling your gold can be a fulfilling endeavor. The top 10 gold buyers we’ve explored are dedicated to making your experience both lucrative and emotionally satisfying. Trust their expertise, embrace the change, and let your valuable gold find new life in the hands of those who appreciate its beauty and significance.

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