Garland Personal Injury Lawyers


Garland Personal Injury Lawyers are a group of dedicated legal professionals who specialize in handling personal injury cases in Garland, Texas. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they aim to provide exceptional legal services to individuals who have suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence. This article will delve into the various aspects of Garland Personal Injury Lawyers, including their services, expertise, and the benefits of hiring them.

Top 5 Garland Personal Injury Lawyers

When it comes to finding the best personal injury lawyer in Garland, there are many factors to consider. One important aspect is understanding the background and experience of each potential lawyer or firm. In this section, we will provide a brief overview of some of the top personal injury lawyers and firms in Garland.

1. Law Offices of David Kohm

The Law Offices of David Kohm has been serving clients in Texas for over 25 years. With a team of experienced attorneys, they specialize in personal injury cases including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and wrongful death claims. The firm has a reputation for being dedicated advocates for their clients and achieving successful results.

Attorney David Kohm has received numerous accolades throughout his career including being named as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers Association and receiving an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest possible rating for legal ability and ethical standards.

2. Guest & Gray Law Firm

Founded in 2009 by attorneys Scott Gray and Robert Guest, Guest & Gray Law Firm has quickly become one of the most respected personal injury law firms in Garland. Their team includes former prosecutors and experienced litigators who have successfully handled cases ranging from car accidents to medical malpractice.

Guest & Gray prides themselves on providing personalized attention to each client while aggressively pursuing justice on their behalf. They have been recognized by Super Lawyers as Rising Stars multiple times in recent years.

3. Reyes Browne Reil Ley Law Firm

Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm has been fighting for the rights of injured individuals in Texas since 1992. Their team of lawyers has over 100 years of combined legal experience and a track record of securing significant compensation for their clients.


The firm handles a wide range of personal injury cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, and workplace injuries. They have been recognized by numerous publications, such as US News & World Report and The National Trial Lawyers Association, for their excellence in the field.

4. The Barber Law Firm

The Barber Law Firm is a family-owned and operated law firm with over 15 years of experience serving clients in Garland and throughout North Texas. Their team of attorneys is committed to providing personalized attention to each client and helping them navigate the complex legal system.

The firm specializes in personal injury cases involving car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and wrongful death claims. They have received numerous accolades for their dedication to their clients, including being named among “Best Lawyers” by D Magazine.

5. Rad Law Firm

With offices in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Austin, Brownsville, Beverly Hills, Lubbock, McAllen and San Antonio, Rad Law Firm serves clients across Texas with a wide range of legal services, including personal injury law. Their team has extensive experience representing clients in cases involving car accidents, medical malpractice, and product liability.

Rad Law Firm has received recognition from organizations such as The National Trial Lawyers Association and the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys for their dedication to client advocacy and successful case results.

Services Garland Personal Injury Lawyers Provides

Garland Personal Injury Lawyers offer a wide range of services to clients who have suffered personal injuries. These services include:

1. Comprehensive Legal Representation: Personal injury cases can be complex, involving intricate legal procedures and negotiations with insurance companies. Garland Personal Injury Lawyers are well-versed in handling all aspects of the legal process on behalf of their clients. From collecting evidence and investigating the incident to negotiating settlements and representing clients in court, they ensure that their client’s rights are protected.


2. Consultation and Case Evaluation: Experienced personal injury lawyers in Garland provide initial consultations to evaluate the viability of a case. They carefully examine the circumstances surrounding the incident, analyze applicable laws, and provide an honest assessment of the case’s strength.

3. Insurance Claims: Dealing with insurance companies can be overwhelming, especially when they are reluctant to pay the rightful compensation. Garland Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies and ensure that their clients receive fair and just settlements.

4. Investigation and Evidence Collection: To build a strong personal injury case, gathering evidence is crucial. These lawyers have a network of investigators and resources to gather pertinent evidence, including accident reports, witness statements, medical records, and any other information necessary to support their clients’ claims.

5. Negotiation and Settlement: Most personal injury cases are resolved through negotiation and settlement rather than a trial. Garland Personal Injury Lawyers are skilled negotiators who strive to secure the best possible settlements for their clients. They have in-depth knowledge of the value of various damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future rehabilitation costs.

6. Litigation and Trial Representation: In cases where settlement negotiations fail or a fair agreement cannot be reached, Garland Personal Injury Lawyers are prepared to take the case to trial. They have the necessary courtroom experience and litigation skills to present a compelling case and advocate for their client’s rights before a judge and jury.

Areas of Expertise:

The expertise of Garland Personal Injury Lawyers covers a wide range of personal injury cases, including but not limited to:

  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents: Whether it’s a car, truck, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident, they handle cases involving negligent drivers, defective vehicle parts, or hazardous road conditions.
  2. Slip and Fall Accidents: Injuries caused by slips, trips, or falls on another person’s property due to hazardous conditions like wet floors, uneven surfaces, or inadequate maintenance fall under their expertise.
  3. Workplace Injuries: If you have been injured at work due to unsafe conditions, employer negligence, or equipment failure, Garland Personal Injury Lawyers can help you navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation claims or third-party liability lawsuits.
  4. Medical Malpractice: They have extensive experience in representing victims of medical negligence, including cases involving misdiagnosis, surgical errors, medication mistakes, or birth injuries.
  5. Product Liability: If you have suffered injuries due to defective products, Garland Personal Injury Lawyers have the expertise to hold manufacturers, distributors, and retailers accountable for the harm caused.

Benefits of Hiring Garland Personal Injury Lawyers:

Legal Expertise: Garland Personal Injury Lawyers possess a deep understanding of personal injury laws and regulations. They stay up to date with the latest legal developments to provide the most effective representation.


Knowledge of Insurance Tactics: Insurance companies often employ various tactics to minimize payouts. These lawyers have the experience and know-how to handle insurance companies and ensure you receive fair compensation.

Peace of Mind: Dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury can be stressful. By hiring a dedicated personal injury lawyer, you can focus on your recovery while knowing that your legal rights are being protected.

Improved Chances of Fair Compensation: Studies have shown that individuals who hire personal injury lawyers tend to receive higher compensation compared to those who navigate the legal process on their own.


Garland Personal Injury Lawyers play a vital role in helping individuals who have suffered personal injuries due to the negligence of others. With their comprehensive legal representation, expertise in various areas of personal injury law, and commitment to obtaining fair compensation, they provide unparalleled support to their clients. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing legal assistance for a personal injury matter in Garland, Texas, contacting Garland Personal Injury Lawyers is a prudent step towards protecting your rights and seeking the compensation you deserve.

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