Top 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Dallas, Texas


Suffering an injury in an accident can turn your life upside down. Between mounting medical bills, lost wages from time off work, and coping with pain or disabilities, it can feel totally overwhelming. What you need is an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer on your side.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which attorney is truly the best fit for your case?

This guide will introduce you to the top-rated Dallas personal injury lawyers currently practicing. We’ll overview their backgrounds, achievements, focus areas, and contact details to help you find the right advocate for your situation. Armed with this advice, you can seek out a free consultation to understand your legal options and ultimately get the compensation you deserve.

1. The Law Offices of Michael Grossman

Phone Number: (855) 326-0000


Office Address: 3890 W Northwest Hwy #100, Dallas, TX 75220

With over 30 years of legal experience, attorney Michael Grossman leads an acclaimed Dallas personal injury firm helping local accident victims recover compensation. Grossman takes an aggressive approach to these cases while still showing compassion to devastated clients.


Recognized year after year as one of Texas’ top litigators, Grossman leverages his trial experience, business savvy, and passion for helping the vulnerable against negligence corporations and insurance companies. He’s secured over $100 million for past clients to date.

The firm provides free case evaluations to prospective clients and has a strong track record delivering results. They handle the full gamut of personal injury and wrongful death litigation including:

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, and drunk driving accident cases
  • Premises liability claims
  • Defective product suits
  • Workplace accident claims denied by employers

Grossman is licensed to practice in all Texas civil district courts along with multiple Federal jurisdictions. Him and his associates offer contingency fee structures to improve accessibility of strong legal help for injury victims.

2. The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson

Phone Number: (214) 742-0708


Office Address: Highland Park Place, 4514 Cole Avenue, Suite 1800, Dallas, TX 75205

Widely considered one of Texas’ top personal injury lawyersFrank L. Branson brings over 45 years of award-winning litigation to his Dallas firm. Year after year, his outstanding case results gain recognition from lawyer rating agencies and legal associations across the nation.


Branson has secured over 195 verdicts and settlements exceeding $1 million for clients to date. His advocacy has also led to breakthroughs improving auto and aviation safety regulations as well as nursing home standards of care.

While Branson accepts many major case types, he holds special expertise in:

  • Complex product liability suits
  • Commercial transportation and aviation accident cases
  • Medical negligence matters featuring horrific damages

On top of his active caseload and speaking engagements nationwide, Branson still finds time to give back. His past philanthropic efforts helped establish the Dallas Holocaust Museum, U.S. Olympic Committee’s athlete mentoring program, and more.

3. Law Offices of Randall D. Moore

Phone Number: (972) 943-8500


Office Address: 5950 Berkshire Ln #200, Dallas, TX 75225

Veteran medical malpractice attorney Randall D. Moore brings a stellar track record and tailored approach to representing victims of healthcare negligence at his firm near downtown Dallas.


With deep understanding of both the specific standards and common oversights causing patient harm, Moore thoroughly investigates how each client endured preventable suffering. He then strategically holds hospitals and doctors accountable through litigation or out-of-court settlements.

Moore also maintains exceptional case investigation resources. His nursing staff reviews each malpractice claim to lend medical expertise. And partnerships with data scientists uncover healthcare errors traditional methods could miss.

On top of medical negligence, Moore also takes on nursing home abuse, drug liability, vehicle collision, and child injury matters. Clients praise his compassion, transparency, and success helping them move forward from traumatic experiences.

4. The Law Office of Jane D. Anderson, P.C.

Phone Number: (214) 363-4353


Office Address: 3660 Stutz Drive #100, Dallas, TX 75235

Founded in 2003, attorney Jane Anderson brings nearly 20 years of personal injury litigation success to her firm’s clients. She embraces technology to build compelling injury and wrongful death cases, including animations showing how accidents occur in vivid detail.


Jane maintains an active legal license to practice in Texas along with Federal court jurisdictions. Her unwavering commitment to excellent client care makes the difference during vulnerable times.

Areas of expertise this firm handles encompass:

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian collision matters
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Premises liability cases like slip-and-fall incidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Defective product cases

Past litigation results include recovering over $1 million for a child injured after getting ejected from an amusement park ride. Her team also helped clients secure policy limit payouts in multiple trucking collisions leading to catastrophic harm.

5. The Law Offices of Deanna Dean

Phone Number: (214) 748-7777


Office Address: 3811 Turtle Creek Blvd Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75219

Recognized as a Texas ‘Rising Star’ attorney four years straight, Deanna Dean brings two decades of prolific personal injury law experience to her firm’s clients. She’s highly regarded for her ability to secure substantial compensation for clients facing everything from mild soft tissue injuries to permanent impairment or loss of household income providers.


Dean takes an aggressive yet strategic approach when the defendants in her cases refuse reasonable settlement offers. She understands jurors in Dallas well and excels in courtroom litigation for clients who end up there.

Her other core practice areas include:

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, and drunk driving accident matters involving serious harm
  • Premises liability cases like inadequate apartment/home security and unsafe property maintenance issues
  • Defective product accidents causing injuries

Dean promotes accessibility by offering free consultations to discuss prospective cases.

6. Ramey & Schwaller Law Firm

Phone Number: (888) 484-4346


Office Address: 5059 West Plano Pkwy #100, Plano, TX 75093

With over 35 years of personal injury experience under his belt, attorney Hardin R. “Buck” Ramey brings deep expertise and trial skills to insurance negotiations and courtroom litigation alike. He’s both compassionate and driven when advocating for local accident victims wronged when others break safety rules and cause them harm.


Areas where Ramey secures compensation for injured Texans include:

  • Car and truck collisions
  • Defective product accidents
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Disfiguring lacerations and burns
  • Loss of limbs or use of limbs
  • Medical oversight/delivery negligence

His past litigation experience led to appointments assisting with the Texas State Legislature insurance reform consulting group. Ramey has also long demonstrated a commitment to legal industry education by guest lecturing at colleges statewide.

7. Don Davis Law Firm

Phone Number: (214) 503-7300


Office Address: 7300 Lomo Alto Dr #205, Dallas, TX 75230

When injured locals hire Don Davis to oversee their personal injury case, they instantly gain backing of over four decades of award-winning legal experience. His name repeatedly earns recognition from lawyer ratings agencies for superb ethical standards and courtroom skills.

Davis embraces unique plaintiff situations to tailor case strategies aligned with their desired results. He handles litigation statewide chasing compensation for damages including lost income, property loss, hefty healthcare bills, wrongful death, and pain/suffering.


While accepting most major personal injury accident cases, attorney Davis is exceptionally qualified guiding legal action involving:

  • Commercial truck and aviation collision incidents
  • Brain and burn injuries causing long-term disability
  • Automotive recalls involving dangerous defects and malfunctions
  • Nursing home abuse

Davis is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum for past high value compensation case results. He mentors up-and-coming lawyers to raise the standard of legal care for Texans statewide.

8. The Barber Law Firm

Phone Number: 214-389-4242


Office Address: 10000 N. Central Expy Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75231

In just over 15 years of serving North Texas, Kris Barber gained notoriety as an award-winning personal injury attorney with well over 50 jury trial successes under his belt. He embraces technology like digitally recreated accidents to give jurors clearer understandings of how clients suffer preventable harm when others break safety rules.

The types of new cases this Dallas firm accepts include:

  • Car, motorcycle, bicycle, and commercial trucking accident injuries
  • Slip/trip-and-fall premises liability accidents
  • Product defects causing harm
  • Animal attacks
  • Assault incidents

Barber gained memberships into both the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Leaders Forum of the American Association for Justice thanks to past high-value compensation case outcomes.

When taking on new clients, Barber offers contingency fee structures to alleviate pressure figuring out legal financing. His firm also promptly assigns an attorney, case manager, and paralegal team focused on tailoring advocacy to each person’s unique situation.

9. Downs ♦ Stanford ♦ PC

Phone Number: (214) 303-2266


Office Address: 2001 Bryan St Ste 4000, Dallas, TX 75201

Since 1978, the personal injury attorneys at Downs ♦ Stanford remain dedicated to helping everyday people recover damages after tragic accidents and oversight cause them harm. Lead senior partners Harlow Downs and Rob Stanford oversee specialized teams handling a diverse docket of major injury case types, including:

  • Commercial transportation accidents
  • Automotive collision incidents
  • Traumatic brain injuries impairing quality of life
  • Spinal cord damage cases
  • Child injury matters with lifelong effects
  • Nursing home neglect and abuse incidents

Both Downs and Stanford hold coveted memberships with the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, built over years delivering outstanding trial results and compensation for clients. Between leadership’s 100+ years combined expertise and the firm’s resources/specialization, Downs ♦ Stanford excels fighting for maximum damages against willful violators and negligent corporations.


10. Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm

Phone Number: (855) 744-4748


Office Address: 2616 S. Loop W. Fwy #520, Houston, TX 77054

With a strong Dallas presence and offices statewide, the award-winning legal team at Reyes Browne Reilley brings over 25 years litigating personal injury cases on behalf of automobile accident victims. Founding attorney Angel Reyes leads an innovative firm that helped over 40,000 injured locals fight for fair compensation to date.

Reyes himself focuses specifically on brain, spine, amputation, and burn injury cases with catastrophic lifelong effects. He secures large settlements and verdicts for innocent clients unable to return to work and facing steep medical care costs.

His firm’s other core practice areas include:

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accident cases
  • Spinal cord damage incidents
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Loss of limbs and severe lacerations
  • Dangerous premises issues causing slip/trip-and-falls

The Reyes Browne Reilley team offers bilingual attorneys to improve accessibility for Dallas’ Hispanic community members needing Spanish language support during litigation. Their reputation for delivering excellent results provides peace of mind for vulnerable injury victims from all walks of life.


Choosing the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Dallas for You

Suffering harm in an accident immediately presents many urgent decisions to make about medical care, insurance claims, lost wages, and assessing legal options. It can be totally overwhelming. But contacting one of these elite Dallas personal injury law firms helps injured victims start mapping out an informed path towards compensation and closure.

With compassionate guidance from attorneys, families can focus energy on healing physically and emotionally from trauma while professionals handle fighting for fair damages owed.

Below are some key discussion points to explore during initial consultations while evaluating compatible lawyer-client pairings.

🔹 Narrow down attorney expertise – Ask prospective lawyers targeted questions about their specific experience handling cases similar to yours. Their past matters should directly relate to the accident type, entities involved, and injuries/impacts dealt with. Feel free to ask for case examples with outcomes they secured in comparable situations previously.

🔹 Align communication expectations – Transparency around litigation timeframes and case progress updates brings peace of mind. Discuss with attorneys how they prefer to communicate with clients during settlements that may span months or years based on influencing factors. Also speak about communication availability/cadence options when rapid developments happen.

🔹 Understand fee structures – Typical personal injury lawyer fees range from 20% to 40% of final compensation amounts, only charging if cases win damages. However some attorneys structure fees differently or have other project expenses. Getting fee structure specifics upfront prevents payment surprises down the road while aligning incentives for mutually beneficial attorney-client relationships.

🔹 Research lawyer ratings and recognitions – It’s smart to verify prospective attorneys have strong reputations amongst their clients and legal peers. Look for consistent favorable client reviews, industry honors, case results earning multi-million dollar compensation, and forum memberships proving expertise. Don’t hesitate to ask for references to contact as well.


🔹 Assess law firm organization – Understand behind-the-scenes legal team support available to give your case proper time and attention needed amidst the law firm’s overall caseload. Disorganized offices struggling with bandwidth issues can increase chances of delays or case compromises. A smoothly run operation demonstrates commitment to clients.

Taking time up front to thoroughly evaluate prospective lawyers ensures injured victims choose the best legal guidance possible as they navigate aftermaths of negligence and preventable accidents. Don’t leave compensation owed to chance – a skilled personal injury attorney levels the playing field pursuing damages to justice.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Before diving into the rankings, it helps to level-set what exactly personal injury lawyers do to help their clients.

Personal injury lawyers specialize in tort law and representing plaintiffs who suffered harm, injuries, or other damages due to someone else’s negligence. This negligence could stem from:

  • Automobile, trucking, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accidents
  • Slip-and-fall incidents and other premises liability cases
  • Workplace injuries and denial of workers’ compensation claims
  • Defective products that cause injuries
  • Medical malpractice like birth injuries or surgical errors
  • Animal attacks
  • And more

These attorneys use their expertise to build strong legal arguments proving:

  • The liable party owed the plaintiff a duty of care that they breached
  • This breach directly caused tangible harm to the plaintiff
  • Quantifying current and future damages the plaintiff deserves compensation for

An experienced personal injury lawyer can make all the difference by skillfully negotiating with insurance companies or winning in court to get their clients fair compensation. This financial assistance helps innocent victims pay for things like:

  • Medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Repair or replacement of damaged property
  • Lost income from missing work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The above listed is 10 of the best personal injury attorney options serving injured clients in Dallas, Texas.


Unique Aspects of Dallas Personal Injury Law

It’s crucial accident victims understand Texas personal injury laws unique from other states that could influence their cases. Working with local counsel experienced litigating within state legal constructs often produces better outcomes.

Let’s examine a few key statutes in Texas that differ from other parts of the country:

Strict Two Year Statute of Limitations – Plaintiffs must file Texas personal injury lawsuits within two years of their accident/injury date or compensation rights expire. Other states expand limits to three or even six years based on discovery principles around latent injuries only uncovered later on. Miss this short Texas deadline and cases face dismissal.

Modified Comparative Negligence – Texas applies modified comparative negligence rules to stackable accidents involving

multiple parties with partial fault. Here’s how it works:

Jurors assign percentages of accident blame they feel applies to each involved party. If the plaintiff holds 51-99% responsibility, they can’t recover any damages. However if they’re 50% or less at fault, their final compensation gets reduced by their blame percentage.

So in a $100,000 damages award, a plaintiff 25% responsible would ultimately recover $75,000. Key difference from states with pure comparative negligence – plaintiffs aren’t fully barred from compensation here unless overwhelmingly responsible.


Strict Medical Malpractice Damage Caps – Unlike most states allowing jury discretion determining appropriate pain and suffering damages for medical negligence, Texas caps these non-economic damages:

  • $250,000 max per defendant
  • $250,000 max for healthcare facilities

Caps don’t apply toward awarded economic damages like medical bills or lost wages. Still, limits notably restrict how patients experiencing horrific damages from carelessness can be compensated for hardships endured.

Consult experienced personal injury lawyers to discuss how above laws could impact unique cases relative to less restrictive states. Local expertise navigating Texas intricacies produces better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s review answers to some common personal injury-related questions accident victims have.

How Much Time Does a Typical Injury Case Take?

Duration depends largely on situation specifics. Clear liability with cooperative insurers can resolve fast. Contested blame, legal delays, injury manifestation over time all extend cases – some span multiple years untilWrapping up.

Attorneys view timeline predictors through experience lens. Ask for case assessments when first discussing options.


How Can I Gauge Lawyer Trustworthiness?

It’s critical verifying legal guidance comes from ethical, results-driven counsel with expertise handling specific case types. Our proprietary ranking framework analyzes key datapoints benchmarking lawyer qualifications, integrity, and performance helping identify top personal injury attorneys.

Background checks, case result patterns, client reviews, legal ratings, and saved Google searches provide360-degree integrity measures. Discuss rankings with prospective lawyers as a trust baseline.

What Fee Structures Do Injury Lawyers Use?

Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency, only collecting around 30% of final settlements/awards if cases succeed. Others have variations – like stepped contingency rates based on resolution timing, or blended contingency-hourly models capping total fees.

Compare pricing models to optimize. Key is avoiding extreme rates compounding stress during vulnerable times or mismatched fee incentives detracting from case priorities.

Is Legal Experience or Trial Awards More Important?


Robust qualifications and a proven case record delivering meaningful compensation results are both key indicators of an effective personal injury lawyer. Seasoned legal experience suggests strong grasp of lawsuit strategies and negligence claim intricacies in jurisdictions traveled frequently.

But without evidence applying that savvy recently achieving sizable verdicts/settlements for clients, those skills lose impact. Ideal attorney pairings feature substantial experience AND contemporary benchmarks verifying high-level performance when client interests are on the line.

What If My Claim Gets Denied?

Insurance denial Letters alone don’t determine case viability long-term or limit all legal options forever. Skilled personal injury lawyers know denial patterns by carriers, common reasons given, and strategic methods

reversing bad faith decisions against supporting evidence. Don’t lose hope.

Have your attorney thoroughly reassess your claim presenting additional proof on contributory factors, quantify all economic/noneconomic impacts from injuries, challenge legitimacy of denial justifications, negotiate reconsideration, or initiate litigation if reasonable settlement offers get rejected repeatedly.

Getting quality legal help rights wrongful denials and unlocks once unavailable pathways securing overdue compensation from willful parties.


Can I Still File Suit After Missing The Deadline?

Rarely – Texas statute of limitations laws strictly require filing personal injury lawsuits within 2 years after incidents/injuries unless special circumstances applied suspending that window temporarily.

Examples include plaintiffs meeting specific “unsound mind” legal criteria, defendants purposefully concealing incidents, or severe plaintiff disabilities legally “tolling” deadlines until they reasonably can act.

Deemed exceptions remain uncommon. Consult experienced personal injury lawyer immediately if an accident happened over two years ago to urgently assess all options before losing them entirely.

How Much Is My Injury Case Worth?

Exact settlement values involve many variables best analyzed by legal professionals with economic valuation expertise. Personal injury lawyer consultations allow case assessments outlining reasonable compensation ranges accounting for hard numbers like:

  • Medical bills already incurred and required future care
  • Specific wages lost to-date from missed work
  • Property losses
  • As well as fuzzy math estimating intangible “pain and suffering” damages

Attorneys consider case merits, defendant financials, past legal award precedents, settlement histories, and more tailoring case value estimates. They assist negotiating or litigating appropriately without leaving money on the table.


Closing Thoughts

Suffering long-term harm because of someone else’s preventable negligence, recklessness, or willful violation of important public safety laws often feels helpless. Victims struggle understanding how to secure rightful compensation for mounting medical bills, lost income from missed work, pain and trauma endured, and diminished life quality going forward.

Thankfully, contacting an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney levels the playing field getting innocent victims credible compensation critical for their family’s financial survival after an accident. These legal professionals artfully apply Texas insurance statutes, court precedents, claims best practices, sharp negotiation tactics and – when needed – litigation prowess squeezing reasonable damages from resistant insurance carriers.

Arm yourself with top Dallas attorney guidance protecting your rights and maximizing payouts owed by liable parties. Our endorsements give accident victims trusted North Star legal partners along their emotional journey back to restoring stability and chasing everyday joys put on hold after life-altering injuries.

With some support in your corner, the long road toward healing and justice doesn’t need to be walked alone. You’re closer to compensation than you think.

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